Privacy Policy of Gurudeva Matrimony

1.What are the Informations required to be provided website/App while registering with us.
Basic details,Education details Family details,Contact details and Email Id,Identification proof can also be given at the time of registering.

2.From your given details what are the informations not to be shown to other members.
The Email ID and Identification proof you have given to us will not be shown to any other members.

3.Precautions taken with your personal informations and Online Payments.
Your informations will be kept in secured servers. In some rare cases the Internet search engines crawl in to some basic details and show them. If you have any objection to this, we will request them and get it removed.
In case of online payments, we are not keeping your card account details, and you can be assured that there won’t be auto renewal. You can activate your membership making the payment as and when you like to. For Online payments we are using renowned and secured payment gateways.

Terms of Gurudeva Matrimony

  • 1) Age / Date of Birth / Caste

  • a) While registering with us for Matrimony purpose, if it is for a girl then she should be 18 years completed and for a boy, he should be of 21 years completed.
  • b) The Date of birth given should be correct and accurate. After a month from the date of registration, under no circumstances, the given Date of Birth can be altered or changed in the Profile.
  • c) At least one of the Parents, either father or mother of the girl or boy who is registering with us should be from Thiyya/Ezhava Community.

  • 2) Membership Validity/Activities/Contact Details

  • a) The validity of the membership will be according to the particular scheme, namely Premium Membership 3 months & Premium Plus Membership 6 months, that you opted for. But, as a special case, the membership of (i) Girls, (ii) Those who are 40 years and above, and (iii) Re-Marriages we have set our system to automatically restart with the balance, which is being followed now.
  • b) To take Contact Details, send Messages and Express Interests, it is possible for girls maximum 12 years elder to her and for boys maximum 12 years younger to them.
  • c) In case you had taken the Contact Details of a particular profile, with in 1 Month that profile was deleted from our website/App due to marriage was settled or for some other reasons then you have to take 1 extra Contact details and that will be added automatically to your existing membership.
  • d) The Contact details that you had taken during the validity of your membership period can be seen free even after the expiry of your membership for a period of 1 year from the date of your first taking the particular Contact details. After 1 year that detail will be automatically removed from your ‘Contact details Viewed’ list. After 1 year if you want to take that particular Contact details, will be deducted from your current renewed membership package.

    • 3) Registration Validity

    • a) Registration validity will be there until your marriage settled.
    • b) Those who had given false details at the time of registration or those whose marriage was settled or those who couldn’t be contacted over the given contact numbers even after repeated attempts, then such profiles will be removed from the website /App.
    • c) For your own reasons, you want to remove your profile from our website/App that also can be done.

    • 4) Refunds

    • a) The number of Contact details that you have already taken and the Message with address send ,Express Interest send during your membership period will be charged [Rs.75 per Contactdetails, Rs.50 per Message with address,Rs.10 per Express Interest send ] and the balance amount, if any, will be refunded to you.
    • b) Refunds are allowed only if complaints are made within 30 days of joining the membership.

    • 5) Disputes

    • a) In our capacity as Matrimony bureau, we collect data, ie the personal details given to us by our valuable members and we upload the individual data’s in our website/App. Whether it is first marriage or remarriage, our members should check the details verify and reverify each and every details of such members carefully before marriage.
    • b) We will not take part or interfere in any discussions or disputes between the members.
    • c) The data collected from our website/App should not be used for any commercial or such purposes.

    • 6) The above Terms & Our Customer Policy

    • Our existing policy mention above was based on our so many years of experience and several suggestions more over these were all agreed upon by you at the time of registering with us. Although we reserve the right to make any changes in this from time to time, such changes will be made only after considering your views. We will do everything possible to make you satisfied.

      By chance if you find any difficulty in this regard, you are most welcome to Contact us/ WhatsApp} 9037880780